Working from home

Working from home

Everything is changing, our wardrobe included.

Times are changing and work routines are evolving. Business casual is now the norm as we settle into our zoom meeting from home and a more blended work & home life is what we now strive for.

Working from home has its challenges, one of which being figuring out what clothing will be comfortable for at home, but smart enough for meetings and give us a real sense of “getting ready” in the morning.

Keep reading to see our work from home clothing essentials for every man.

Polo Shirts

Polo shirts provide a smart appeal with a sharp collar and choice of colours and patterns while still being soft and flexible for comfortable at home work wear


Look smart on top, feel comfortable on bottom. A classic pair of joggers that pairs well with most shirts will grow to be your go-to pair of pants while working from home.

Half Zips

The smarter cousin of your much loved hoodie the half-zip provides a more fitted shape with a comfortable feel they are perfect for layering while working from home.


If you’re looking for a more sophisticated look then chinos are for you! Perfectly paired with a dressy or casual shirt and available in a variety of colours, Chinos will easily become your go-to pair of smart pants that look good, but don’t sacrifice on comfort.



For those days where comfort is the deciding factor on your outfit, then a cozy hoodie is the one for you.

Work from home advice

Know the ground rules: Be clear about your working schedule, are you 9-5 or are you flexible? What technology is required ie. zoom or microsoft teams. It’s important that your employers makes it very clear whats required to ensure you have all the necessary equipment to work stress-free from home.

Have a designated work space: Not everyone will have access to a home office, but having a corner, or a table that is designated specifically for work will give you that extra bit of privacy and enable you to shift in to “work mode” when you enter that space – helping you switch off at the end of the day also as you leave that space.

Check your internet speed: With more of the family being at home for larger portions of the day it’s important to check the internet speed on your router and what you will need for your work day to avoid the panic when your files won’t upload or save

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